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John Guthrie Jr.

John Bio PicGuthrie brings decades of experience and a proven track record of lobbying for more than 30 local government entities in Jefferson County, including the county and its largest city, Birmingham, to The Bloom Group and its clients. Guthrie began his work with municipal government and governmental relations when he served as administrative assistant and lobbyist for Mayor Richard Arrington Jr. and the City of Birmingham from 1992 to 2000. Since then, he has worked as a contract lobbyist, advocating for his diverse group of clients including government entities like the Birmingham City Council and its President William Bell as well as multiple private sector clients. Thanks to his strong work ethic and networking abilities and longstanding working relationships with members of the Alabama Legislature, he’s consistently been able to help his clients meet their goals.

Key Areas of Expertise

Served over thirty local government entities located in Jefferson County including Jefferson County and its largest city, Birmingham
Strong work ethic
Proven networking abilities
Good working relationships with legislative delegation


Key Professional Experience

Registered lobbyist in the State of Alabama since 1992.
2000-Present Contract Lobbyist with wide variety of clients including local government entities as well as private sector clients.
1992-2000 served as administrative assistant and lobbyist for Mayor Richard Arrington Jr. and City of Birmingham.


Key Issue Areas

International delegation hosting



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