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2/10/12 Group Watch: State-of-The-State Address

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley in his state-of-the-state speech Tuesday night outlined his agenda for the 2012 regular session as follows:

  • Invest more in workforce development and career tech programs to help Alabama recruit jobs.
  • Free businesses from unnecessary and bureaucratic roadblocks.
  • Borrow money through a bond issue to repair roads and replace bridges.
  • Consolidate state agencies, streamline the issuing of state licenses and save on technology to cope with a 25 percent cut in the General Fund budget.
  • Give schools more flexibility to develop their own strategies free of state and federal bureaucracies.
  • Create charter schools to give parents a choice of where their children attend school.
  • Give teachers a dollar-for-dollar tax credit when they spend their money on their classrooms.
  • Create a teacher cabinet of teachers, administrators, school board members and parents to get unfiltered feedback on the needs of public schools.
  • Start a health alliance to reduce Alabama‚Äôs rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and infant mortality.

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