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April 19, 2013 Group Watch: News & Views from the State House

The Alabama Legislature returned to work on Tuesday for the 21st day of the session, and a good part of the week focused on education.

Tuesday: The Senate Education Committee held a public hearing on proposed changes to the new law that gives tax credits to families zoned for “failing schools.” The House passed a bill for a second time that would authorize a volunteer school security force in Franklin County schools. They also approved a bill to limit the contingency fees charged when the state hires outside legal counsel. The House later bogged down over a bill to move the deadline to register to vote in Alabama from 10 days before an election to 17. The Senate passed a couple of bills to allow the continuation of state boards and commissions and a bill to allow nurse practitioners to prescribe certain drugs.

Wednesday (a committee day): The House Ways and Means General Fund Committee approved a Senate-passed budget with minor changes, which will likely be debated by the full House next week. The Senate Education Committee approved a second attempt to repeal Alabama’s common core curriculum standards. Most observers believe the bill has little chance of final passage, but will resurface next year. That committee also approved a bill that would allow school resource officers to carry weapons. The Senate Finance and Taxation Education Committee approved a bill to phase out the 4 percent state sales tax on food and replace the revenue by raising the sales tax on non-food items. The House and Senate Health Committees approved bills to dramatically overhaul the state’s Medicaid program, dividing the state into a number of community-run, risk-bearing regions that would manage patient care. The House and Senate Judiciary Committees approved bills to increase the penalty for possession of an illegal gambling machine to a felony.

Thursday: The House approved bills to raise the penalties for killing a person while operating a boat under the influence of drugs and alcohol; to require schools to develop a “code red” safety plan to respond to threats of violence and to require code red drills; and to authorize the State Employees Insurance Board to offer a high-deductible health plan along with a health savings account and a reimbursement arrangement. The Senate passed a number of non-controversial bills, including one to establish a special event hunting license for disabled veterans and a bill authorizing draft beer sales in New Brocton in Coffee County.

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