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October 2014 Group Watch: Governor Joins 60 Plus Association

On Tuesday October 7, Governor Robert Bentley and leaders of The 60 Plus Association stood on the Alabama State Capitol steps to reveal a new study showing that new EPA regulations could negatively affect Alabama senior citizens. President Obama and the EPA’s Clean Power Plan goals are to reduce America’s carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent. But, as 60 Plus Alabama State Director, Apryl Marie Fogel, stated, “The EPA is pursuing sweeping new standards that do little to improve the environment and will disproportionately cost Alabama’s seniors more money.”

According to the poll by 60 Plus, “72 percent of seniors say they are living on fixed incomes with 73 percent concerned about the costs associated with new power plant regulations. Additionally, an average of 61 percent want Congress to focus on reducing energy prices rather than new regulations.”  The 60 Plus study found that the envisioned EPA regulations will likely raise power bills by more than 20 percent, which would add $25 or more to a monthly power bill! Alabama alone houses more than 447,000 seniors living on a $50,000 or less annual income. The proposed EPA rules would take money, essential to Alabama senior citizens, out of their hands by adding to the cost of producing electricity all in the name of “fighting climate change.” The 60 Plus study also discovered that the new Clean Power Plan could restrict the assortment of fuel supply in Alabama, causing energy prices to rise and possibly reducing disposable income by $2,000.

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