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4/27/15 Group Watch: Principal Perspective: What’s Wrong with the Bham Water Board?

by Allen Sanderson
Senate Bill 89 has been proposed to “fix” issues concerning the Birmingham Water Board. But what’s wrong with the current board and its operations? Nothing, if you review these key factors:

  • The board’s management team has a combined 100+ years of professional management, accounting and engineering experience, much of it directly related to water works.
  • The Water Works’ financial position has improved every year for the past 10 years, as has its bond rating, moving from single A to double AA with a positive outlook for the future.
  • The board’s pay is properly managed and completely transparent, with the 2014 average pay per board member staying under $20k. The board’s pay has actually decreased 47% since 2009.
  • The board has successfully put money back into the water system with main replacements andĀ improvements.
  • The board has been and is in strict compliance with state ethics law and routinely issues operational reports and holds required public hearings regarding rate increases.
  • The board has recently earned national recognition for its training practices with awards, ranking Ā No. 24 in Training Magazine‘s Top 125 Award.


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