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April 24, 2017 Group Watch: News & Views from the State House

The Alabama Legislature returned to work on Tuesday, April 18 for the 18th day of the session, and some Republican senators gathered support for a constitutional amendment to change the role of lieutenant governor (see below). Here’s what else they got done.

  • On Tuesday (18th day of session): The House passed bills to prohibit the state from discriminating against childcare service providers under certain circumstances; to require the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission to adopt policies to require law enforcement to use only reasonable force; to authorize an income tax credit for the rehabilitation of historic buildings; to regulate fantasy content; to provide for consumer protection measures; and final passage of a Senate-passed bill to require future high school graduates to pass a civic test.  The Senate approved general bills to allow capital defendants to elect to be executed by firing squad; to allow persons to possess and carry a firearm without a permit; and to prohibit voters from switching parties between primary elections.
  • On Wednesday (a committee day): The House Health Committee approved a bill to authorize certain loan repayment practices for advanced practice nurses. The Senate Judiciary Committeeapproved a House-passed bill to authorize designated members to carry firearms as part of a church protection program and a bill to provide civil immunity to a person rescuing a child or incapacitated person. The Senate Jefferson County Local Legislation Committee approved bills to lower the percent of investments in fixed income securities and to revise the operations of the Birmingham retirement and relief system.
  • On Thursday (19th day of session): The House passed bills of local application only and general bills to mandate coverage of autism spectrum disorder under certain conditions and to add regulatory requirements for all childcare facilities. The Senate passed House-passed bills to authorize healthcare providers to decline to perform services that violate their consciences; to prohibit assisted suicide; to affirm the state’s commitment to the right to life of unborn children; and to provide absentee voting without explanation.

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