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April 2, 2018 Group Watch: News & Views from the State House

The 2018 Regular Session is over and quite a lot got done, with many of the bills passed into law carrying a large consensus. Here are some highlights from the session’s last days.
  • On Tuesday (24th day of session): The House acted on several conference committee reports and passed a Senate-passed bill to provide a one-time lump sum payment to retired educators. The Senate acted on several House-passed bills of local application only and general House-passed bills to approve a correctional officer retention pilot program and to provide credit for time spent incarcerated pending trial or other adjudication.
  • On Wednesday (25th day of session): The House acted on several conference committee reports. The Senate also acted on several conference committee reports and approved House-passed bills to further define terrorist threats to include schools and churches; to further provide for trustees at Alabama State University; and to revise the enforcement provisions of the Ethics Commission.
  • On Thursday (26th day of session): The House approved a Senate-passed bill of local application only, and the Senate approved the House-passed conference committee report relating to the Education Trust Fund budget. Both chambers adjourned sine die prior to noon.

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