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September 2018 Group Watch: News & Views from the State House

The governor and other GOP leaders say the state is headed in the right direction and have listed priorities for the next four years. A recent high ranking for Alabama is in line with their sentiments.
  • Publication Names Alabama No. 1: Global Trade, a magazine focusing on U.S. companies doing international business, has named Alabama as the top state for manufacturing. Alabama received high marks for AIDT, its workforce development agency, its work pre-certifying development sites through the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama and its rapid permitting process. Global Trade says the state has seen a continued influx of manufacturing investment, much of it from the international auto industry. Alabama ranks fifth in the nation in auto production, with Toyota, Mazda, Mercedes, Hyundai and Honda all locating factories here. Vehicles are now the state’s number one export. Alabama also enjoys a leadership position in aerospace production. Earlier this year, Business Facilities named Alabama as the state with the best business climate.
  • Marsh & McCutcheon Outline Goals for Next Term: Republican leaders of the Alabama Legislature say the state is better off after eight years of GOP control, with expanding industries, low unemployment and more stable budgets. House Speaker Mac McCutcheon and Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh said improving education and funding a plan to upgrade highways and other infrastructure are key tasks for the next four years. McCutcheon said tax and budget reforms will also be on the table. Both leaders say they have no plans to propose a lottery; they will not be surprised to see a proposal receive serious consideration.
  • Gov. Ivey Touts Strong Economy: Last week, Governor Kay Ivey addressed the Alabama Retired State Employee Association and Alabama Public Employees Advocacy League (ARSEA/APEAL). She praised the state’s economy, touting the state’s low unemployment rate and her plans for an education overhaul that she says will allow Alabamians to get “quality jobs.” She described the state’s Medicaid budget as “bare-bones,” which prohibits the state from expanding the program at this time.

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