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April 29, 2019 Group Watch: News & Views from the State House

An Alabama Lottery is one step closer to reality, Rebuild Alabama projects are already beginning, and plenty of other work got done by the Alabama Legislature last week. Here’s a recap.
  • Tuesday, Day 12 of Regular Session: The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee approved several House-passed bills and Senate-originated bills to authorize zoning in municipal police jurisdictions in counties where another municipality has zoning authority in police jurisdiction; to add the House and Senate budget chairs to the Contract Review Permanent Legislative Oversight Committee; and to prohibit municipal occupational taxes if not already in effect unless authorized by local law. The House passed several bills of local application only and general bills to allow the Administrator of the Alabama Credit Union Administration to appoint a designee to the Alabama Land Bank Authority Board; to require the Department of Revenue to enter into agreements with financial institutions to develop a financial institution data match program; and to transfer the distribution of inspection fees and penalties from the State Treasurer to the Department of Revenue. The Senate gave final approval to a House-passed bill to revise certain provisions of the Limited Liability Company Law and passed other Senate-originated bills relating to unspent appropriations transfers under the General Fund Budget Reform Act and to make maximum amount paid to an individual as unemployment benefits revised contingent on the state’s average unemployment rate.
  • Wednesday, a committee day: The the House Health Committee approved a bill to allow the administration of single dose auto injectable epinephrine on K-12 school campuses by students as prescribed. The House Judiciary Committee approved bills to revise the penalties for human trafficking and establish the agencies responsible for enforcement and to authorize the Attorney General to apply for court orders for intercept of wire, oral or electronic communications. The House Urban and Rural Development Committee approved a bill establishing the Broadband Using Electric Easement Accessibility Act. The Senate Judiciary Committee approved bills to allow expungement of convictions if the person has received a pardon; to authorize the expungement of criminal records for youthful offenders; and to establish a medical marijuana program for use in certain circumstances. The Senate Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Development Committee approved a bill to authorize the administration of Lifeline qualifying public assistance programs.
  • Thursday, Day 13 of Regular Session: The House passed several bills of local application only, and general bills to create a Tier III retirement plan and to further provide for council-manager form of government for municipalities. The Senate passed a proposed amendment to the state constitution to establish a state lottery.

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