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June 2020 Group Watch: News & Views from the State House

COVID-19 is still with us and still affecting business, school schedules and the legislative process. Read on for more details.
  • Special Session Still on the Table, But Not Before August: Governor Kay Ivey recently told legislators that there will be no special session prior to August because the state’s budget numbers will not be in before July 15. In a video conference, Ivey  told lawmakers that all options are on the table regarding whether or not there will be a special session. Ivey said that before calling a special session, she and her staff will work with a bipartisan group of legislators to ensure a plan is in place to maximize time in Montgomery and provide transparency to the public. She stressed that a special session will only address legitimate issues that cannot wait until the 2021 regular session in coming in February.
  • Roadmap to Re-Open Schools Almost Ready: State school superintendent Eric Mackey recently reported that the state’s roadmap for reopening K-12 public schools in August will be a multi-tiered plan and will include a virtual option for parents uncomfortable sending their children back inside school buildings. Tiers in the plan will be based on the spread of coronavirus in the community, with safety as the top priority. While a virtual option will be on the menu, not all school districts have the capability to serve that many students. The state Department of Education is creating a statewide virtual platform that schools can use to serve their students. Following a competitive process over the coming weeks, a statewide vendor for this service is expected to be named. The vendor will be available to assist those systems currently without a virtual platform.

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