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January 17, 2022 Group Watch: 2022 Session Starts & Gov Ivey Outlines Where AL is Now

The Alabama Legislature returned to Montgomery last week for the start of the 2022 regular session. In an hour-long televised speech, Governor Kay Ivey addressed the state of the state. Here are a few of her main points:
  • American Rescue Plan Act $$: Alabama has approximately $1.7 billion in ARPA money that requires appropriation, and Ivey wants to make allocating these funds an early priority for the legislature. The state received $2.1 billion in ARPA money last year, and $400 million of it has been authorized towards a $1.3 billion plan to construct two large state prisons in Escambia and Elmore counties. Governor Ivey called on legislators to use the ARPA money to meet some of Alabama’s biggest challenges such as statewide broadband connectivity, water and sewer infrastructure, and to invest funds into hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care initiatives.
  • Budgets: The governor said that her budgets will include fully funding rainy day accounts, pay down debts and make investments that will pay long-term dividends to the state.
  • Tourism: Ivey expressed a strong commitment to further expand outdoor recreation and developments in our hospitality industry. Boosting tourism is eligible for the federal relief money and key legislators seem committed to such initiatives.
  • Pay Raises: Governor Ivey proposes a 4-percent pay hike for state workers and educators and a non-specific one-time bonus for state retirees. The governor pointed to the challenges facing state workers and educators during the height of COVID, where the public witnessed firsthand the obstacles faced by teachers and others.
  • Education: Ivey vowed to implement the Alabama Literacy Act during the upcoming spring semester and push for early learning opportunities.
  • Healthcare: The governor is proposing to add two new mental health crisis centers in Alabama, as well as other health services.
  • Special Session?: Although the governor did not address a special session in her speech, political insiders say there are rumors of one being called early this week and shared this possible schedule: On January 18, adjourn until February 1. Start the special session on January 19 with public hearing on ARPA funds the same day. Vote on a bill on January 20.
Click below for the full text of the governor’s speech.

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