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January 24, 2022 Group Watch: 2022 Special Session In Progress

Alabama lawmakers began a special session last Wednesday to draft a plan for spending $772 million in pandemic relief dollars from the federal American Rescue Plan Act. A joint meeting of the House and Senate General Fund Budget Committees held a public hearing on Wednesday to receive input from agencies and the public. On Thursday, each committee met separately and voted out of committee a bill that could be passed as early this Tuesday. The Alabama plan proposes to provide:

  • $277 million for broadband expansion, including $192 million from the capital projects fund and $85 million from the fiscal recovery fund.
  • $225 million for water and sewer infrastructure projects.
  • $80 million for hospitals and nursing homes.
  • $79.5 million to Alabama’s unemployment trust fund to restore it to near the level of January 2020.
  • $37 million for a category that includes assisted living facilities, mental health, rehabilitative services and others.
  • $30 million for rural hospitals.
  • $20 million for emergency medical responders, including $10 million for volunteer fire departments.
  • $11 million for counties to help pay for state inmates held in county jails because of the pandemic.
  • $7.8 million for the cost of the reporting and auditing requirements for using the money.
  • $5 million for telemedicine.

See below for the bill status for bills being considered during the special session.

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