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January 31, 2022 Group Watch: AL Ready to Remain a Top Auto Manufacturer with Focus on EVs

Alabama has worked hard to become one of the nation’s leading automobile manufacturers, and maintaining that status as EVs proliferate will improve the state’s economic future. EVs have already approached 5 percent of total new car sales in some months, and analysts predict 20 percent of all vehicles sold in the U.S. will be an EV in 2030. Alongside a growing coalition of stakeholders, state and local leaders have acted with a clear and transparent approach, and this has already resulted in a total of $4.1 million awarded in grants to expand EV charging and support a variety of educational activities related to EVs. It’s also earned  endorsements from organizations like the Energy Institute of Alabama, Alabama State Parks and the Alabama Department of Tourism. Plus, the new federal infrastructure law is expected to send about $15 million per year to our state, giving businesses along Alabama’s interstate corridors the ability to apply for funds to support EV charging projects. This year will see a soon-to-be-unveiled EV infrastructure plan, expansion of the Drive Electric Alabama campaign, the production of all-electric SUVs at Mercedes in Tuscaloosa, billions invested in EV by Hyundai (which operates a plant in Montgomery), EV pick-up truck models and new EVs coming from Honda, Toyota, Mazda and other major manufacturers.

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