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January 31, 2022 Group Watch: Special Session Gets Its Work Done

The Alabama Legislature returned for the third day of the special session last Tuesday, and each chamber overwhelmingly passed an appropriations bill of approximately $772 million of federal dollars from the American Rescue Plan Act. The special session then concluded on Thursday after lawmakers passed the package allocating the state’s portion of ARPA funds. The bipartisan spending plan overwhelming passed both chambers without controversy. The Senate passed the House’s version of the bill by a vote of 26-0 with one abstention. In the lower chamber, the billed passed 100-1 with two abstentions. The allocation of funds is as follows:
• Broadband expansion – $276 million
• Water and sewer infrastructure – $225 million
• Hospitals, nursing homes, telemedicine expansion and related healthcare – $157.7 million
• Alabama Unemployment Trust Fund – $79.5 million
• Emergency response services – $20 million
• Reimbursement to county jails for housing state inmates – $11 million
• Administrative cost for state agencies – $11 million
• ARPA compliance – $7.8 million

See below to view the bill status for bills being considered during the special session.

The Bloom Group Inc – 2022 1st Special Session – ALL – Bills (1)

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