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February 21, 2022 Group Watch: Alabama Exports Regain Momentum

In 2021, Alabama’s exports surged 21 percent in value compared to the previous year, surpassing pre-pandemic levels and indicating the underlying resilience of the state’s economy. Alabama businesses exported to 189 countries last year, reflecting the vial connection that the state’s high-quality, in-demand products have to the global economy. The top five destinations were:
• Germany – $3.7 billion (up 65.7%)
• Canada – $3.4 billion (up 15.6%)
• China – $3.4 billion (up1.6%)
• Mexico – $2.5 billion (up 35%)
• South Korea – $921.7 million (up 47.3%)

The state’s No.1 export category – transportation equipment – jumped 25.8 percent to reach $10.35 billion, a figure that topped the total for 2019. Overseas shipments of Alabama-made motor vehicles rose 38.4 percent in value, while exports of ships and boats jumped 40 percent last year. Other top categories for 2021 exports were chemicals ($2.3 billion), forest products ($1.5 billion), primary metals manufacturing ($1.3 billion) and non-electrical machinery ($1.1 billion.

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