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August 2022 Group Watch: New Resolutions Adopted by State GOP

The executive committee for Alabama’s GOP party met in Montgomery last week. After listening to remarks from Senate candidate Katie Britt, in which she reminded the crowd (as if they needed a reminder) how critical prevailing in the midterm elections is, the body voted on a slate of resolutions. Of note was the resolution calling for party registration and closed primary elections, which was supported by ALGOP chairman John Wahl, who recently took exception to what he asserted to be Democrat “influence” in Republican elections. Alabama is among the minority of states that do not require voters to register by party. The resolution is not legally binding and will require an act of the Alabama Legislature to officially enact it.
This and the following additional resolutions were adopted by the body:

  • A resolution condemning the Biden Administration for the F.B.I raid on Mar-a-Lago. Calling it an “unprecedented overreach” the Alabama Republican Party Executive Committee voted overwhelmingly to stand in solidarity with President Donald J. Trump. The resolution received 89 percent of the vote from committee members.
  • A resolution calling for party registration and closing the primary elections. The measure received 81percent of the vote from committee members.
  • A resolution calling for the state to simplify the adoption process and lower associated costs. The measure received 97 percent of the vote from committee members. A resolution urging prison officials and the parole board to encourage prisoners to obtain a GED and/or vocational training before they are released, in order to combat recidivism. The measure passed on a voice vote. 
  • A resolution requesting lawmakers to enact legislation codifying and protecting parental rights. The measure passed on a voice vote.

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