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December 2022 Group Watch: Alabama’s Bioscience Sector Booming

Growth projects valued at almost $200 million are now under way in Alabama’s bioscience sector, setting the stage for robust new research funding and the recruitment of additional scientists to conduct cutting-edge projects. The growth spurt will build on new investments announced in 2021 by life science companies in the state that totaled $166 million, according to an estimate by the Alabama Department of Commerce. Theses projects are creating 574 jobs. In Alabaster, Avanti Polar Lipids, which provides lipids for the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries, is adding 67 jobs through a $16 million expansion launched last year. In Huntsville, Discovery Life Sciences is creating 140 jobs. UAB is constructing the Altec/Styslinger Genomic Medicine and Data Sciences Building for leadership in precision medicine, genomic science and biomedical research. The facility is valued at $78 million. And in Auburn, SiO2 Medical Products grabbed headlines by developing high-tech vials for COVID-19 vaccines. The project is creating 40 jobs.

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