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April 17, 2023 Group Watch: Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission Reviewing 90 Applicants

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission voted to accept 90 applications as properly submitted by companies that intend to take part in the state’s new medical cannabis industry. The commission will begin reviewing the applications for cultivators, processors, dispensaries, secure transporters, testing labs and integrated licensees with multiple functions. The commission is scheduled to award licenses at its meeting on June 12. The state’s medical cannabis law placed limits on how many licenses they can issue in some categories. The commission accepted 12 applications for cultivators and will issue no more than 12; 11 applications were accepted for processors, but only 4 may be issued; 18 applications were accepted for dispensaries, and 4 licenses may be issued; 9 applications were accepted for secure transporters with no limit for the number of licensees; 2 applications were accepted for testing labs, with no limit on the number of licensees; 38 applications were accepted for integrated facilities, and 5 licenses may be issued. The enabling legislation allows the products to be pills, capsules, tinctures, gelatinous cubes, oils, cremes, patches, suppositories, nebulizers, and liquids or oils for an inhaler. No raw plant materials or products for smoking or eating will be allowed.

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