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May 8, 2023 Group Watch: Day-by-Day, Play-by-Play

On Tuesday (16th day of regular session): 

  • The House passed bills to prohibit electronic vote-counting systems from having the capability to connect to the internet or to cell phone networks; to prohibit the sale of psychoactive cannabinoids to minors and to levy a 5% tax on gross proceeds; and to exempt overtime income from “adjusted gross income” for income tax purposes. 
  • The Senate approved bills to provide requirements for the use of iron produced within the United States for certain public works projects under certain conditions; to further provide for the salary of all circuit clerks in the Unified Judicial System based on the pay plan adopted by the personnel system of the Unified Judicial System; to establish in the Department of Public Health a Certificate of Nonviable Birth; to require students in public high schools to complete a personal financial literacy and money management course before graduation and to provide for the creation and administration of a financial literacy examination and to require the reporting of a summary of examination results to the State Department of Education.

On Wednesday (17th day of regular session and a committee day):

  • The House Health Committee approved bills to authorize the board to issue permits for certain medical school graduates to practice medicine in a limited capacity for a limited time as a bridge year graduate physician and to further provide for the practice of an optometrist and the authority of the Alabama Board of Optometry. 
  • The House Ways and Means Committee approved a bill to allow parents to use funds in an education scholarship account to provide an individualized education program for their children. 
  • The House Education Policy Committee approved bills to change certain provisions of the Alabama School Choice and Student Opportunity Act and to further provide additional requirements for the alternative preparation programs and teacher certification.
  • The House Urban and Rural Development Committee approved a bill to prohibit Chinese citizens, the Chinese government or Chinese entities from acquiring real property in Alabama. 
  • The Senate Finance and Taxation Education Committee approved bills to provide a one-time rebate for the promotion of the general welfare; to provide a 2% pay increase for public education employees; relating to the Education Trust Fund Rolling Reserve Act, to further provide for additional definitions relating to annual Education Trust Fund appropriations; and to make an appropriation for the support, maintenance and development of public education in Alabama. 
  • The Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill to allow persons 70 years of age or older to be excused from jury service and to request a permanent exemption from jury service. 
  • The Senate Healthcare Committee approved bills to provide further for qualifications for licensure as a physician and to authorize the Board of Medical Examiners to issue permits for certain medical school graduates to practice medicine in a limited capacity for a limited time as bridge year graduate physicians; and to revise appointment of the state health officer to require certain medical rules, orders or directives issued by the state health officer to be approved by the governor and a copy filed with the secretary of state before the emergency rule, order or other directive has the full force and effect of law. 
  • The Senate approved bills to further provide exemptions to the state procurement code and to further provide for the authority to make emergency procurements and outlined the review of those procurements by the Contract Review Legislative Oversight Committee; and to require state agencies to take certain measures to prevent fraud before paying benefits to recipients.

On Thursday (18th day of of regular session):

  • The House passed bills to prohibit any person from distributing, ordering, requesting, collecting, completing, obtaining or delivering an absentee ballot application of another person in certain circumstances; and to require each law enforcement officer to undergo annual training related to individuals with certain sensory needs or invisible disabilities. 
  • The Senate passed bills relating to the Education Trust Fund budget including appropriations to Tuskegee University, Southern Preparatory Academy, Talladega College and the Distressed Institutions of Higher Education Revolving Loan Program; a 2% pay increase for public education employees; a one-time income tax rebate for the promotion of general welfare; supplemental appropriations to various education entities; and the overall education budget.

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