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March 11, 2024 Group Watch: Day-by-Day, Play-by-Play

Tuesday, 13th day: 

  • The Senate Finance and Taxation Education Committee approved a House-passed bill entitled the CHOOSE Act to establish a refundable income tax credit to offset the cost of qualifying educational expenses. 
  • The Senate Tourism Committee approved two House-passed bills relating to gaming, with changes. The bills provide for a vote of the people in September 2024 to decide if they want legalized gambling and to create an administration structure to oversee and mange legalized gambling. 
  • The Senate approved bills to further provide for the Distressed Institutions of Higher Education Revolving Loan Program; and prohibit occupational licensing boards from taking adverse action with respect to off-label medical treatment when a patient has given informed consent. 

Wednesday, 14th day and a committee day:

  • The House Health Committee approved a bill to prohibit the manufacture, sale, or distribution of food products made from cultured animal cells in the state.
  • The House Ways and Means Education Committee approved a bill to provide for a sales and use tax exemption for certain infant supplies, maternity clothing and feminine hygiene products.
  • The Senate Judiciary Committee approved bills to require an occupational licensing board to determine whether an individual’s criminal conviction disqualifies him or her from obtaining an occupational license in certain circumstances; to increase civil and criminal penalties for an employer who violates child labor laws; and to further provide for the penalties of human trafficking under certain conditions.  
  • The Senate County and Municipal Government Committee approved a House-passed bill to prohibit a supervisor from retaliating against a county or municipal employee who reports certain violations. 
  • The House gave final passage to a  bill that originated in the Senate to provide civil and criminal immunity to providers and patients receiving in vitro fertilization services. 
  • The Senate gave final passage to a bill originating in the House also known as the CHOOSE Act, which establishes education savings account for parents of children to use in providing education services for their children. 

Thursday, 15th day: 

  • The House passed a number of bills, including final passage of Senate-passed bills to require the posting of curricula on school websites and authorizing parents and legal guardians to review the materials; prohibit assistance in preparation of absentee ballots; and to place significant restrictions on the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion among publicly funded programs. 
  • The Senate passed two House-passed measures with amendments relating to gambling in the state and the establishment of an Alabama Gaming Commission to administer the process.

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